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Bodega Bay Oyster Company

Manila Clam and Bodega Gallo Mussel linguine using freshly harvested product Quick, easy, and delicious! <a href='/tag/local' target='_blank'>#local</a> <a href='/tag/shellfish' target='_blank'>#shellfish</a> <a href='/tag/christmascametwice' target='_blank'>#christmascametwice</a>

23d 5h 10m 26s


    • bigchris707
      23d 4h 24m

      Any chance of getting the recipe? Looks amazing!

    • bodegabayoyster
      23d 3h 38m 1s

      A large quantity of our company’s muscles and clams of course. Steam those and set aside. Then sauté some olive oil, butter, garlic and minced onion. Add heavy cream and reduce. Add flour as needed to thicken. Then throw some clam juice in the sauce. Once it is the consistency you were going for, add the clams and mussels. Heat those up and add some parsley at the end. I squeeze lemon in the mixture before pouring over pasta. Season to taste along the way and parsley to garnish