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Alexandra Silvia

<a href='/5starhookah' target='_blank'>@5starhookah</a> bomb sale going on for shikas, picked up this pink totti and I'm in love. Good things come in small packages too

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    • thepaysonite
      125d 5h 7m 10s


    • dream.shatterer.iv
      125d 3h 56m 7s

      Wow, hey do u think the draw on it is restricted? Got one coming in the mail I hope it isn't and if it is I wanna know if u know what hose could help with the restriction

    • hookah_hippie_22
      125d 3h 52m 16s

      @dream.shatter.iv it's not really restricted or anything although I recommend you try the draw with the original hose that comes with, and if it's too restricted try a different one. The hose is honestly the most restricted part of this pipe, it's fairly open otherwise.

    • hookah_hippie_22
      125d 3h 7m 52s

      @dream.shatterer.iv try an aluminum D hose, Golden desert aluminum hose, thunder hoses are good. Sorry I just saw you asked for some hose recommendations

    • hom_venice
      124d 46m 24s

      🌟 📷