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Rupert meeting his birth brother Archie for the first time since they were born nearly 6 years ago. They had so much fun on the beach πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’™ <a href='/tag/rupert' target='_blank'>#rupert</a> <a href='/tag/roughcoatedjackrussell' target='_blank'>#roughcoatedjackrussell</a> <a href='/tag/roughcoatedjackrussell' target='_blank'>#roughcoatedjackrussell</a>ofinstagram <a href='/tag/jrt' target='_blank'>#jrt</a> <a href='/tag/beach' target='_blank'>#beach</a> <a href='/tag/hunmanbygap' target='_blank'>#hunmanbygap</a> <a href='/tag/archie' target='_blank'>#archie</a> <a href='/tag/brother' target='_blank'>#brother</a> <a href='/tag/brother' target='_blank'>#brother</a>s <a href='/tag/fun' target='_blank'>#fun</a>

129d 21h 32m 22s


    • princesschloe.baileyboy.avery
      129d 19h 10m 35s

      How awesome! How were they able to reconnect?!

    • jillbradshawx
      129d 19h 8m 15s

      We are all in touch via the breeders facebook page but Archie lives in London and we live in North Yorkshire but Archie's owners have come up here for a week so they got in touch and we met up. It was lovely ❀️ @princesschloe_baileyboy_avery

    • tomato.sandwich
      129d 10h 57m 57s

      Aww! His brother is also so handsome! How sweet! β™₯️