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Laura Jade Baker

The worst of today's artwork. Had both writer's and artist's block this morning. Think I've worked through it.

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68d 10h 44m 59s


    • artbynavv
      68d 10h 43m

      Nice !

    • jennial_art
      68d 10h 40m 40s

      Love this!!! Check out my feed too!!!

    • theurbananimator
      68d 10h 39m 40s

      I imagine the “block” is actually a “lock,” when you get an idea of what you are going to draw, that’s the key; but sometimes you get confused on turning the key. You try and try again, then the pathetic key finally get input correctly.

    • ristworks
      68d 10h 36m 57s

      I know how block can be! Well done on pushing through it, these look great! :D

    • ljbaker101
      68d 10h 32m 56s

      @theurbananimator thanks, I think. Going to art uni is creatively draining. I've just got back from an eventful holiday, and lost my grandfather this week. I'm surprised I can draw anything honestly 😅

    • ljbaker101
      68d 10h 19m 32s

      @theurbananimator and in my case, I had literally no inspiration

    • theurbananimator
      68d 10h 3m 46s

      @ljbaker101 it must be tough for you, speaking of the loss.