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zanzy Entertainment

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Women's Crush Wednesday! 
Happy birthday to the Ladies Man 
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Mr Tourism Nigeria Universe 2016
Wishing you long life and prosperity 
Today and every day !

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66d 17h 33m 38s


    • jinuset_tourism
      65d 7h 52m 52s

      This could have been nicer in Badagry. We feel we can provide you with original slave chains in Badagry

    • zanzyentertainment
      65d 6h 1m

      @jinuset_tourism let's chat DM

    • wabuwhyte
      20d 1h 50m 36s

      Of all the ways to portray Mr tourism, the best u could come up with is as a slave, the lowest that the black man has ever been...y do we glorify our demeaning.... program tho.